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The Rho Zeta Sigma Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma fraternity, INCorporated is located in Fredericksburg, Virginia. 

Hello, and greetings from the brothers of the Rho Zeta Sigma Alumni Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated of Fredericksburg, Virginia. We are pleased that you have found our page, and it is our hope that you find the information on this website interesting, informative, and educational.

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. is built on the motto of "Culture for Service and Service for Humanity." The men of Rho Zeta Sigma strive to grow and expand Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. into the Greater Fredericksburg community due to the need for a more visible presence and commitment to the education, scholarship, and mentoring of male students.

Please review our website and learn more about our fraternity, and our chapter and the programs that we support during your web visit. On these pages, you will find interesting and informative news concerning almost every facet of our chapter and our presence within the Fredericksburg Community.

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Mission Statement: To become the leading proactive community service organization focusing on issues and strategies that positively impact Fredericksburg, Virginia and surrounding areas.

Vision Statement: Emerge as a unified chapter and execute intervention measures that make an Indelible Mark in Fredericksburg, Virginia and surrounding areas which aligns community awareness with Sigma presence and action.

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